Lots Of updates!

Been busy with course work, and have a ton of updates !


Course work

Exercise 2, Observing Shadow using blocks of tone 

Exercise 3, creating shadows using lines and marks


Sketchbook work

25 drawings of my hand 

Using light and Dark

Happy Little Clouds 

Experimental Drawing Exercises 

Different types of drawing 


Welcome to my Blog!

Hi and welcome! thank you so much for visiting my learning log.

Here you find my journey of works and studies throughout this course. Scroll through the menus at the top and the side to view my work. 🙂

After a lot of arguing with WordPress and pulling my hair out,  I believe I have found a method to make this work now. I have created pages for each piece of work I complete, so save scrolling through endless blog posts. I know I find it a bit tedious!

What I will do in future in order to alert who follow this blog, (waves) to new and possibly shinny pretty work, I will do a short post here with a link to the page.

Now I feel like I can actually start! yay!

Also I will post here anything thought and ponder wise for my own reference :3




First Entry – at the beginning!

At this point now I have completed the introduction course, and completed the survey. Set my first deadline for my first assignment.

When I was doing the introduction course, in all it took me two weeks. There were so many new things I was introduced to. Learning logs, research, self-evaluations. I was very poor at keeping a sketch book back at college, so it will be my first time completing one!

At one point I was worried I was way out of my league but so excited at the same time for the challenge, it was an odd feeling!

I have done a couple of sketches tonight, blind contour drawing and continuous line drawing. Really good challenge! Going to play with this more at work on my lunch break tomorrow.

I just watched a video on sketchbooks and was really inspired by that you can get copies of your favourite artist’s sketchbooks.  Going to see what I can find.

Would love to see Frida Khalo’s sketchbook, along with Van Gogh and Da Vinci. Also Architect G.G Hoskins, he designed the building where I currently work and so intrigued to see if I find a copy of his sketchbook!

Sketchbook 1.jpg

sketchbook 2sketchbook3

This is the drawing i am currently working on. been working on it for the longest time.


Still a long way to go. I am so used to working in this style, so controlled, no surprises. so this course is going to open my mind and really broaden my horizons 🙂